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B&G Guitars Goldfinger Humbuckers

B&G Guitars Goldfinger Humbuckers

Ah Mr. Bond  

Not to be confused with the classic movie, the Goldfinger guitars from B & G represents something special which may shake & stir your world. 
You see the private builds from B & G are extremely popular, they have in fact hand built over 1,000 and the time has come to take their luthier skills to the next level.

The specs of the Goldfinger guitars read like the menu of a gourmet restaurant.
You will find no 2 - 3 piece tops here, the solid core of African mahogany is encapsulated by a figured top and back each of which is carved from a single piece of aged maple. 
Ziricote is used on the fingerboard for both the tones and appearance, the spiderweb grain and superb note separation make it an obvious choice on such a high class instrument.
The entire guitar is framed by a tasteful figured maple binding and adorned with solid brass hardware which adds its own tonal characteristics and a natural reverb to the overall build. 
Available with either 2 Hand wound B & G Humbuckers, Kickbuckers or P90's 

This is the type of guitar which resonates loudly with plenty of character before even plugging it in. The essence here was to learn for high grade violin builds and that's exactly what B & G has managed to achieve. 
The chances of finding one of these to try in a local shop is next to zero but we have lovingly tonecaptured a multitude of tones and playing styles for you to try now. 

Specs: Goldfinger Humbuckers

Number of Frets 22
String Number 6
Specific Wood Neck Genuine Mahogany
Specific Wood Fretboard Ziricote
Scale Length (inch) 24.75
Body Shape Single Cut
Body Type Chambered
Specific Wood Body One-Piece Genuine Mahogany
Specific Wood Top Curved Solid Maple
Specific Colour Honey Burst
Manufacturer B&G Guitars
Series Goldfinger
Made In Israel
Pickup Configuration H-H
Pickup Brand B&G Guitars
Neck Pickup Model Hand-Wound Humbuckers
Bridge Pickup Model Hand-Wound Humbuckers