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Baton Rouge AR31C/ACE

Baton Rouge AR31C/ACE

Understated at first glance with hidden flare. 

This is a guitar which lives in very many world, at first glance we have a stylish clean modern classical shaped body, Solid Canadian cedar top with a smooth cutaway. The Ovangkol fingerboard houses just a single tasteful fret marker on the 12th fret continuing the minimalist approach.
But as we inspect this steel strung beauty further the back and sides burst into life. The Flamed Okoume wouldn’t look out of place on the top of a gibson les paul or private stock PRS. 
These unique mixture of tone woods and steel strings provides a strong clear sound which will cut through a mix and stand strong during solo performances as you can clearly hear from our demos. 
The pickup system is provided by the in house Baton Rouge BR-2P system with plenty of control over the tone to suit your style and stage.  
Perhaps the most amazing thing about this guitar is the price, at well under €400 this guitar offers quality workmanship, tones, woods and looks. 

Specs: AR31C/ACE

String Number 6
Number of Frets 20
Manufacturer Baton Rouge
Series Rouge Guitars
Made In China
Specific Body Type Auditorium
Specific Wood Body Flamed Okoume
Specific Wood Top Solid Cedar
Specific Colour Natural
Specific Wood Neck Mahogany
Specific Wood Fretboard Ovangkol
Neck joint at 14th fret
Scale Length (inch) 24.8
Wood Back & Sides Okoume
Pickup Configuration Piezo
Pickup Brand Shadow
Pickup Model BR-2P