Klon or Klones? A legend under the lens

A Klon Centaur and a selection of Klones pedals

Few pedals exist out there whose legendary status and hype have peaked as high as that of Klon’s Centaur overdrive. This pedal, worth a couple of hundred bucks when it first came out, is currently sold online for over two thousand dollars, making it more expensive than legendary fuzzes such as the Big Muff Pi, […]

Going big on mini pedals


As the first guitar pedals hit the market back in the 1960s, they did it as encumbering, hefty boxes that looked as gritty as they often sounded. Legendary giants such as the original Fuzz Face or Big Muff Pi were almost 20cm long (7.9 inches), and easily weighed more than 0.5 Kg (1.1 lb).  For […]

Choruses, Phasers, and Flangers: Phase-Shifting Secrets

We’ve all fallen in love at some point in our life with a well-modulated guitar sound, likely more than once. It’s something that goes beyond the grittiness of distortion or the vastness of reverbs and delays. It’s a harmonised shimmer, a goose-bumps raising feeling of longing and nostalgia which catches your breath and makes you […]

Magnets and Coils – A Guitar Pickup Cheatsheet

Mounting a pickup

Everyone knows that electric guitars and guitar amplifiers are as much an inseparable duo as Batman and Robin – plug the former into the latter and legendary tones are just a few strokes away. Hit those same six strings when the guitar is on its own, though, and… well, not so much.  The secret to […]

The Ultimate Cartridge Comparison Tool

The Ultimate Cartridge Comparison Tool Welcome to Hi-Fi made easy – and fun! If you have ever been on a frantic search for the perfect turntable cartridge to match your Hi-Fi system, and found yourself lost in endless phono cartridges reviews and technical specifications sheets, well, we have been down the same frustrating path. But […]