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Atkin Guitars Hawaiian Master Roy Smeck

Reviving the Roy Smeck Stage Deluxe. The Atkin Guitars Hawaiian Master is built after the scarce Gibson Roy Smeck Stage Deluxe signature model of the '30s. The jumbo sized original guitar was a 12 fret flat top, set up with high string action for slide playing. The Atkin Hawaiian master shares similar characteristics but come with standard string action for contemporary playing. The lightly braced torrified spruce top and mahogany body in combination with the short scale length delivers a superb tone which left us in awe. Thanks to the 1.75" / 45mm nut width and 2.25" / 58mm string spacing, the Atkin Guitars Hawaiian Master Roy Smeck fits perfectly for fingerpicking, ragtime, flat picking and hybrid. That is not to say you cannot strum it of course, it can definitely strum too! What a fine 12 fret dreadnought model.