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Antelope Audio MP32 / Orion 32+

Antelope Audio MP32 / Orion 32+

For all DI demos we do we use Antelope Audio.

The Orion 32 was the 1st U1, USB audio interface which offers 32 I/O analog audio channels. With the Orion 32+ Antelope Audio went one step further and added thunderbolt connection too which when used offers no less than 64 channels! It is an extremely accurate interface which is great to work with in any serious home studio or recording studio. It is not only comfortable to work with due to the desktop app and nice layout, thanks to Antelope Audio's FPGA you can enjoy real-time effects processing in the box!

The MP32 is a 32 channels class A microphone preamp and is considered as the Orion 32 / Orion 32+ best friend. It is a transparent and clear preamp which can be controlled remotely, it offers excellent headroom and can power even the most demanding ribbon microphones.

Specs: MP32 / Orion 32+

Weight (in kg) 0.00
Voltage 0
Watts 0
Ohm 0
Manufacturer Antelope Audio