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Andrew White Guitars

Andrew White Guitars are a result of two decades of researching and experimenting with guitars, woods and different construction approaches.

Andrew White is considered by many as an artist, his Luthier Collection showcases his one of a kind masterpieces. Luxurious features and attention to detail and fine tone make these guitars truly remarkable.

In order to being able offering his guitars to a larger crowd, Andrew White teamed with a Korean guitar factory to produce the Andrew White production line. These guitars share the measurements and characteristics of Andrew's own designs while keeping the price at bay.
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Andrew White Guitars EOS 100J NS

Be unique! Everyone plays a dreadnought / OM / Jumbo and so on... Why not trying something different ?!? The Andrew White EOS is a sweet little guitar with emphasise on the overall midrange and semi quick attack thanks to the Jatoba (or in it's other name: Brazilian Cherry) back, sides and top. The EOS narrow hip shape is sits well when playing seated and the guitar's overall weight is well balanced.

Andrew White Guitars FREJA 100 NAT

Sparkle! And then some more sparkle. One chord is all you need in order to find out how much open end and sparkle the Andrew White Freja 100 NAT has. It is a lovely Jatoba body, Sitka Spruce top guitar which is brilliant for pick arpeggios, flat picking, fingerpicking and so on. The Freja 100 NAT is well built, playing wise it is a comfy and pretty straight forward. We like it.

Andrew White Guitars Dreadnought 110

Andrew White's take on pre war dreadnoughts. The Decker's Creek collection is where you will find Andrew White's appreciation and homage for the old pre war Martin and Gibson guitars. The Dreadnought 110 is a Rosewood body & solid Sitka Spruce top guitar with a lot of projection and healthy balance. The D110 is perfect for the pick player.

Andrew White Guitars FREJA 2D0 NAT Dao Wood

Unique is the word. The Freja 2D0 NAT by Andrew White guitars is unique. From woods to shape this guitar is not trying to be anything but itself and that is refreshing. It is a comfortable guitar to play, the C shape Spanish Cedar neck really sits well in hand. And when a break is needed, you can simply stare at the wild Dao wood top as it is stunning. Regarding the sweet sound of the Andrew White Freja 2D0 produces we invite you to check out the demos.