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One of the biggest names on the bass scene providing the biggest sound, Aguilar’s team is comprised of bass players who build gear from the musician’s perspective. With products ranging from effects pedals to top-of-the-line pre-amps, they are the leading brand in high-quality bass gear. Like most of the best names in the music business, Aguilar began their journey with the pursuit of better tone.

President of Aguilar, Dave Boonshot, moved to New York in the 80s and started his own production company and studio when session work as a bass player appeared to be drying up for him. His experience from the side of production and recording opened up a deeper level of what went into his instrument’s sound. He set out to have a custom pre-amp built that would offer the equivalent sound of higher end models such as Neve or Telefunken. Through Roger Sadowsky, of Sadowsky amps, Boonshot became aware of the work of Alex Aguilar. Boonshot tried out a prototype the two had worked on that would eventually become the Sadowsky preamp.

The DB 680 was the result of the collaboration that followed between Aguilar and Boonshot. They knew were on to something very special with the DB680 and in 1995, formed Aguilar Amplification. A wide range of amazing products followed soon after and quickly they were making cabinets, heads, pickups and effects pedals created with top of the line engineering with the bass player at the centre of their focus.

Aguilar have continued to push the boundaries of bass tone after 20 years in the business and have the leading bassist’s in the industry heavily dependent on their gear. Eric Smith (Rihanna) describes his rig of six GS410’s; “I have never used any rig with so much booty”.
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Aguilar Agro

Tube sounding bass overdrive. With Agro Aguilar has built an overdrive pedal specifically for the bass. Agro is an AG500 saturation channel based pedal effect that provides a warm tube-sounding overdrive & distortion. This pedal has 4 separated knobs - Level, Saturation, Presence and Contour - and a true bypass. Agro offers a rich overdrive and distortion sound without losing the powerful low ends.

Aguilar Fuzzistor

It is Fuzz power time! Aguilar’s Fuzzistor is a bass effect pedal that provides a powerful fuzz sound. Like all Aguilar pedals also the Fuzzistor gives the deep and rich signal without the loss of low ends. The Blend control balances the power of your dry tone with the harmonic richness of the fuzz effect. The Tilt EQ lets you explore a wide range of fuzz textures. The level knob matches the gain and tone filters the sound from gloomy to strident.

Aguilar Grape Phaser

Do Not Eat This Pedal! Aguilar have tagged this lush modulation with one of the best dad jokes we’re heard in at least the last few days! â€œSome pedals are born grape, other pedals have grapeness thrust upon them!” We hope someone got a raise for that! Aguilar dedicated bass pedals are designed to retain all low end and dynamics of your rig when in both bypass mode and engaged, this is great news as sometimes phasers can suck a lot of tone. Use the rate knob to go from slow sweeping 70’s psychedelic tones through to bubbly prog tones. The colour knob controls the regen by feeding signal back into certain phase stages. Try all this for yourselves and let us know your favourite settings on our facebook page. 

Aguilar Chorusaurus

A fat chorus for a fat bass! The Aguilar Chorusaurus is an all analog bass chorus pedal, which is fat,warm and organic sounding thanks to bucket brigade technology. The small size of the Chorusaurus and Aguilar's smart control layout make this pedal a great choice for the performing bassist. Using its EQ and tone-shape controls the Choeusaurus can be set to a tone of your choice. Once set, you can control the amount of dry/wet mix using the blend knob. Another great feature of the Chorusaurus is the stereo output option( requires a Y cable).