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One of the biggest names on the bass scene providing the biggest sound, Aguilar’s team is comprised of bass players who build gear from the musician’s perspective. With products ranging from effects pedals to top-of-the-line pre-amps, they are the leading brand in high-quality bass gear. Like most of the best names in the music business, Aguilar began their journey with the pursuit of better tone.

President of Aguilar, Dave Boonshot, moved to New York in the 80s and started his own production company and studio when session work as a bass player appeared to be drying up for him. His experience from the side of production and recording opened up a deeper level of what went into his instrument’s sound. He set out to have a custom pre-amp built that would offer the equivalent sound of higher end models such as Neve or Telefunken. Through Roger Sadowsky, of Sadowsky amps, Boonshot became aware of the work of Alex Aguilar. Boonshot tried out a prototype the two had worked on that would eventually become the Sadowsky preamp.

The DB 680 was the result of the collaboration that followed between Aguilar and Boonshot. They knew were on to something very special with the DB680 and in 1995, formed Aguilar Amplification. A wide range of amazing products followed soon after and quickly they were making cabinets, heads, pickups and effects pedals created with top of the line engineering with the bass player at the centre of their focus.

Aguilar have continued to push the boundaries of bass tone after 20 years in the business and have the leading bassist’s in the industry heavily dependent on their gear. Eric Smith (Rihanna) describes his rig of six GS410’s; “I have never used any rig with so much booty”.
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Aguilar Tone Hammer

A powerful machine! The Aguilar Tone Hammer is a powerful direct box/preamp/direct box which will bring back the life to your bass sound and even more ! It's super clean DI is based on the Aguilar's respected OBP-3 preamp. It features fully sweepable midrange frequencies in addition to bass and treble controls. The Tone Hammer is a great addition to your chain no matter if you're on the stage or in the studio.Already as a DI box alone, the Tone Hammer has it's right of existance. But Aguilar dod not stop there! With their Adaptive Gain Shaping circuitry (AGS) Aguilar made the Tone Hammer as flexible as it gets! AGS allows the player to kick in an additional gain structure and EQ with the "stomp" of a button. You can now go from modern slap sounds to vintage or overdriven, shape your tone to fit your needs. 18 volt operation gives the Tone Hammer® plenty of headroom to reproduce the most dynamic playing style. Separate Gain and Master controls allow you to dial in just the right gain structure for any instrument.Aguilar really hit the hammer on the head with the Tone Hammer, it is a must to the working bass player.