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AER's Moto is "The Acoustic People". Started in 1992, AER was at first an adventure of producing amplified acoustic sound in a natural way. Quite quickly the company became a main player in music gear world, some might say even the standard in amplifying acoustic instruments.

Unlike other acoustic amplifier manufacturers, AER seeks to help musicians get their musical instruments to sound amplified in an uncoloured way. By doing so, they believe that the power and control stays in the hands of the musician. The fact that the company's focus first and foremost is producing amplifying systems which have been developed for acoustic instruments, helps them achieve this goal.

AER amps are the choice of many great musicians. Jazz guitarists Martin Taylor and Stochelo Rosenberg use AER amps, classical guitarist David Tanenbaum as well, and steel string fingerstylist Tommy Emmanuel has a signature AER model.

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AER Compact 60/3

Powerful, small, easy to use. The AER Compact 60/3 is definitely one of the most used acoustic amplifiers out there, and it's no wonder. This 6o watt compact acoustic combo amplifier features two channels with separated gain and eq controls, master volume and effect processor with 2 Reverb types, 1 Delay and 1 Chorus. While the left channel is optimised for guitars and other instruments with it's high/low input button, the right channel is designed for microphone or instrument. This makes the AER Compact 60/3 a great choice for singer songwriters and duos. As for sound the AER Compact 60/3 is known to deliver accurate, crispy and open sound. Thanks to the separate eq controls for each channel, it is pretty easy to dial the amp to a setting that will fit your needs. The Compact 60/3 weights 6,5 kilo and when combined with a matching carrying bag this amp proves itself to be a good choice for the travelling and working musician.