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1981 Inventions

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1981 Inventions DRV No3

Beautiful & Bold The 1981 DRV No3 is technically the only pedal 1981 sell. That hasn't stopped them from becoming one of the most popular boutique manufacturers of the past 5 years!Available in many different colours, all DRV's follow the same overall aphetic ... 3 knobs, 1 footswitch, great looks, amazing tones. Inspired by vintage RAT's, Matthew (1981) teamed up with Jon Ashley of Bondi Effects to develop a pedal which had more to offer in the lower gain ranges while still maintaining the raw power RATs are known for when the taps are opened. The DRV also features an internal voltage pump to jump us up to 18v producing more headroom and in turn a difference in dynamics. Compare this to our vintage RATs and other RAT inspired pedals only on TonePedia