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Gibson Les Paul Custom Florentine & Halilit (Marshall Lead50 Clone) High Gain

Amp: treble: 1 o'clock mid: 12 o'clock bass: 4 o'clock presence: max Guitar: tone and volume set to max Recorded with Electro Voice N/D 967 mic set at about 4.5 inch from the upper part of the cab, in front of the higher speaker. Interface and preamp: Apogee One
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Instruments in this sample
Gibson, Les Paul Custom Florentine, 1997 by Jaco
that, s, a, custom, shop, les, paul, florentine, in, sparkle, gold, it, s, a, very, unique, guitar, both, in, sound, and, looks, i, purchased, it,...
Recordings 3
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by Anonymous
Halilit, 50 watt Marshall Clone by jaco
halilit, was, made, in, israel, back, in, the, 60, s, and, 70, s, they, made, marshall, clones, pretty, good, ones, they, actually, used, marshall,...
Recordings 14
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by Anonymous
Halilit, 40 watt celestion pre rola cabinet by jaco
the, cab, itself, is, built, like, a, tank, made, by, halilit, an, israel, based, company, that, used, to, build, marshall, clones, during, the, 60,...
Recordings 15
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by Anonymous
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