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Gibson, Firebird I Non-Reverse, 1965

Got it years ago from a guitar player of some teenage group in New York.
It's been through a lot. but remained all original.
The guy told me that during a rehearsal it fell and was cracked at the headstock.
Someone glued it and painted the back of the headstock to cover the crack, he also painted over the serial number... though if you look at it in a bright light you can still read most of it.

I love this guitar! yeah it's not as good looking as the reverse birds, but in terms of sound, since these non reverse birds got less wood, they scream!

I mostly play it with my 1968 Dallas Arbiter Fuzz face and a 1973 Marshall Super Bass Head and Cab.
This combination of P90's and Fuzz can create the best tone ever.

Prefered Strings
Ernie Ball
Nickel Plated

Electric Guitar specs

Solid body
6 String
Right handed
Made in: 
  • All: Original
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